Caramel Shortcake!

SPECIAL PRICE - Caramel, chocolate and caramel shortcake... It's our cheesecake of the week! The perfect dessert or an amazing birthday gift. 


Cheesecake Bites - £13

Can't decide on a flavour? Buy a box of our cheesecake bites today! Full of small delicious treats form a range of our favourite flavours. 24 bites!

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Wedding Cheesecakes

Weddings are always a special occasion whether big or small and we would like to help you in making your choice of cake a wee bit different!

We also offer a range of individual cheesecakes, which we call ‘The Wee Yins’ and, to take it a step further, we make a range of bite-sized cheesecakes known as the ‘Teeny Wee Yins’. These can make a fabulous desert for your wedding party!

You can choose from any of our standard flavours and even mix and match. Call us today on 01292 285566.

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