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Following on from the last blog where we talked about a lady in Canada who ordered a cheesecake for her 92 year old friend in Scotland, we also have a family in New Zealand who have now placed their second order for cheesecakes to be sent to their family in Saltcoats which is up the road from us here in Ayr, Scotland.   The power of the internet and social media are amazing indeed.   Last year someone in Inverness found us via one of our staff members twitter accounts and placed an order for a Pina Colada cheesecake for christmas. A gentleman in the USA ordered a thanksgiving cheesecake to be delivered to his some who is studying at University in Scotland.

Our FB Page is fast approaching 5000 followers and our twitter page is nearly at 1000. We find both of these social media platforms invaluable to our business and dont know where we would be without them :)

Our recent pop-up-shop in our premises which we held on 23rd of March was publicised on Facebook only and was a resounding success.  We had someone travel over 70 miles from Edinburgh to buy our cheesecakes and they bought 17 slices! 

Years ago before the internet, where could you by a handmade cheesecake the like of the ones we make???  Nowhere is the answer.  Now you can buy online or buy at our pop up factory shop and soon at Silverburn where we will be poping up end April/early May and will be posting this even on Facebook soon.

I can only remember being able to by a frozen and unexciting cheesecake (the likes of which can still be found ) in the freezers of supermarkets and this started me on a quest-  to make my own and I dreamed one day that I would have a business making and supplying them to other businesses.  In another life and career I use to travel the world and every where I went - USA, Australia, Europe, wherever - if cheesecake was on the menu I had it.   I would come home and experiment with all sorts of cheese and filling combinations and we would have cheesecake for dessert regularly.  It was not until 2003 when we started our own business The Dessert Depot that we finally began to make cheesecakes for hotels, restaurants and coffee shops and all my experiments and experience came to the fore! 

The Handmade Cheesecake Company is a lifelong ambition and we are delighted that not only people around the globe are finding us and asking us to make and supply cheesecakes for their family here but people from across the UK and around our local area are flocking to us!
A great big thank you from us to you.

How does a Cheesecake fly?

Well very easily indeed…from Canada to the United Kingdom in one swift movement. A lovely lady from Canada recently contacted us, wishing to order one of our Handmade Cheesecakes for a friend’s birthday, as her friend lives here in the UK she thought it may be a problem ….not to us. The lady was unsure what she wanted so we discussed all the options and came up with the perfect cheesecake for her friend, a Strawberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake with a lovely personal message written on a Belgian Chocolate


 happy birthday mary


The cheesecake was gift wrapped and a gift card was attached with the words “happy birthday, I am so sorry I could not spend your special day with you” As we had developed such a lovely relationship with this lady we wanted to personally deliver the cheesecake and as we could, we did. There is nothing better than seeing the smile on someone’s face when they receive a little surprise from a special friend. I went home that day a little bit happier. And in the morning we received a beautiful e-card saying Thank you.

“you can view our thank you card here"

So it doesn’t matter where you live, here atThe Handmade Cheesecake Company we will do our very best to make your shopping experience perfect from start to finish.

Pop up Shops seem to be getting more and more popular.  

Whilts some shops pop up in empty shops others pop up in shopping mall concourses for a few months others pop up for a weekend.

We have been holding our pop -up- shop in a corner of our shipping and packing department. Not techincally a shop of course but we make a effort to "dress it up" a bit  and it works - even if it is in a small corner of our shipping and packing department .Of course one of the main draw backs is that we are located in an industrial area and not in a mainstream shopping mall, but to be honest we find that folks make the effort to do so and in our case that is a testimonial for how good our cheesecakes and other goodies are.

Our next pop up event is on 23rd of March - again in our current premises. I say current as we are hoping to move premises soon but thats a story for another day :)  

Check out our Facebook page where more details and whats on sale the day.



The first working week of 2013 is over.  What a busy week!   Its amazing that people are still buying cakes and cheesecakes the week after the Christmas Festivities - but we are not complaining!

Our thoughts are turning to our next event the up and coming Ayrshire Wedding Show which is being held at Ayr Racecourse on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January.   We will be showcasing some of our eyecatching cheesecakes including our Wee Yins and our Wee Teeny Yins which were a huge hit at a recent wedding in Dunfermline over the festive period.  The happy couple opted for 540 of them with six different flavours :  Strawberry & White Chocolate, Raspberry, Pure Minted, Butterscotch, Honeycomb Heaven and Limoncello.   


teeny weeyins2



                                                Teeny Wee Yins Close up.

      teenies wee

Here is the feedback from the happy couple: " The cheesecakes were amazing and everybody loved them! The butterscotch pavlova is still my favourite although the strawberry is a close 2nd"

We will be adding more flavour options to our cheesecake range during 2013 so look out for future blog, facebook and website updates.


Foodies Chrsitmas Festival in Edinburgh. What a place to be on 1st and 2nd of December! We had a stand at this event and it was absolutely packed out on both days and on Sunday 2nd they had to operate a one out one in system it was so busy! 

On day one we ran out of Christmas Truffle Puddings by mid day, and had gone through 5 Christmas Fudge Star Cakes and 2 Turkish Delight Cheesecakes.

  buttter scotchweeyin                                                 seanatfoodies dec01

Our butterscotch pavlova Wee Yins were also a great success! They are great for parties and the whole Wee Yin range is becoming very very popular with our customers.    

All in all the event was a great one for us plus we met so many great people there and are already looking forward to next year.

Blogging is all the rage these days and I must admit to enjoy blogging myself - when I have the time that is.

A number of food bloggers have recently blogged about our cheesecakes and here are links to a few of them:

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Some of the cheesecakes reviewed include : Turkish DelightCaramel Shortcake, Butterscotch Pavlova.  You can order these and many more on our website

We are delighted by the feeback and praise contained within the above food blogs.  At Handmade Cheesecakes we work hard to make not only eyecatching cheeseakes but deliciously tasty as well.

If you get time please check out the blogs.






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