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We held our first ever popup shop on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of November 2012.      We were not sure what to expect as we set about tranforming a corner of our shipping and packaging department into a shop for two days.  

We used Facebook and twitter to inform our steadily growing number of followers and before the event we published a you tube video which featured the son on Alison - one of our team at Handmade Cheesecakes.

Click here to see to the video


   pop up5                          pop up3        

The star of the video also made an appearance on the first day - he got held up on day two as it was the Prestwick Town Christmas light switch on event and he wanted to see Santa lol! He just could not make up his mind between: Turkish Delight Cheesecake, Pure Minted Cheesecake, Strawberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake, Millionaires Cheesecake or Caramel Shortcake Cheesecake, that was before he even got to the Christmas Truffle Puds, the Shortbread. Chocolate Fudge Star Cake and the Christmas Cup Cakes!


          pop up2                                  pop up4   

                           A view of the shop                                                            View of the shop from the door

The use of facebook and twitter ( although the latter to a lesser extent) was truely a success and has made it abundantly clear that Social Media works!   Since we set up our FB page for Handmade Cheesecakes in October 2012 we have attracted nearly 3500 followers in one year.  Our followers are UK wide and beyond with the biggest percentage being Ayrhire and Glasgow but we are steadily gaining followers across the UK and in fact 30% of our orders since we went live this past year have been from south of the border including London, Essex, Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham to name but a few. 

As I often do I have gone off at a tangent.  The pop up shop was a great success and we are dontating £150 of our takings to our chosen chartity Arthritis Care Scotland

Mincemeat: love it or hate it - it is totally linked to Christmas and never seems to make an appearance at any other time of year! I actually hate mincemeat but a few years ago we were asked by one of our Dessert Depot customers if we would make them a mincemeat cheesecake which would be one of the main desserts on their dinner menu on the run up to Christmas and on Christmas Day. So we did....but before I talk more about that I want to give you a wee bit of background to our company.

For those who dont already know, the Dessert Depot is the HQ and parent company of The Handmade Cheesecake Company and was established in January 2003.

The goal and aim of The Dessert Depot was and continues to be making and supplying a range of handmade cakes, desserts, cheesecakes and other related products for coffee shops, restaurants,visitor centers and many more dining outlets across the UK.  In the beginning it was just the two of us operating from one small unit in an equally small industrial park near the centre of Ayr, South West Scotland.   Now we currently have 12 staff and occupy 3 units in the same location.

Over the years many people have asked us "where can we buy your cakes?" and the answer was unless you are visiting a dining establishment who sells them ( and there are quite a few ) the answer was : nowhere.   So as a result of continued demand  The Handmade Cheesecake Company was born just over a year ago on 1st of November 2011 in order to sell a range of cheesecakes, cakes and traybakes direct to the end consumer and I must say we have not looked back (not that we were not busy before you understand) our cheesecakes, cakes and desserts now wing their way across the UK direct to your door! 

So to get back to the topic of the Mincemeat Cheesecake.  Over the years we have been asked to make bespoke cakes and cheesecakes for many customers ranging from vegan cakes - thats a topic for another day - to Blue Velevet Cake for a football club.

The customer in question who asked us to make the mincemeat cheesecake was the restaurant manager of the world famous Royal Troon Golf Course which is located about 15 mins drive north of our premises in Ayr and has hosted many Open Gold Championships - we live in a golfers paradise here - but back to the cheesecake. 

After putting our heads together we decided not to mix the mincemeat through the cheeseake as when we tried it the results were less than spectacular so we then tried a couple of variations.  The variation which we finally used was to put the mincemeat on the bisucuit base then top it with the cheesecake mix then to finish we piped it with cream and a dusting of cocoa powder.

It went down a storm and I dont know why we have not made again since...oh wait a minute I think I do know. It was footery a Scottish word for fiddly!

Unfortunately as it was back in the day, I dont  even have a photo...

What do you think of mincemeat cheesecake. Does it float your boat so to speak?

Well we finally made our first test peanutbutter cheesecake and we are quite pleased with it.  We decided to keep it simple and stick with a digestive biscuit base.  For the filling we added crunchy peanut butter and for the topping we made some belgian chocolate fudge, cubed it up and popped it on top!

Our guest taster was Robyn Steppy Brudge who lives in Glasgow and who was one of our first winners earlier this year when we launched our Wee Yins - individual cheesecakes.

These are Robyns exact words :

I had the pleasure of being one of the first to try the peanutbutter cheese cake or as I have been calling it the "pean-ultimate cheesecake" and may I just say wow!

What's not to like... Unless you have a terrible hatred for peanuts *very nearly* nothing. I say nearly very lightly as the only thing I could think of was that the slghtly salty taste caused by the peanut butter could do with being a little less dominant, but really this is less of a problem and more an issue of personal taste and balance.

As I opened the box to reveal the cheesecake it looked breathtaking, and not just on the outside, as I cut through the cubes of chewy rich chocolate fudge pieces down into the creamy smooth cheesecake and the crunchy buttery base I discovered a delectable texture that I couldn’t wait to delve into.

The base was crunchy with a bold buttery flavour which is deceivably light.

The smooth creamy texture of the cheesecake filling works in perfect harmony with the bold bursting peanut flavour that is through every bite. A perfect creamy/nutty ratio.


peanut butter

                                                                                  Peanutbutter Cheesecake with Belgian Fudge Topping

Then the topping, rich bite size cubes of melt in the mouth chocolate fudge infused with crunchy peanuts, bringing the whole ensemble together.

What more do you need!

Whilst I was delving somewhat gluttonously into a slice of this amazing cake my better half managed to get a bite or two, and after a near miss of my fork, we both discussed that a drizzle of caramel sauce/ganache would complete this cheesecake and take it soaring to the next level, in fact after trying it with a simple drizzle of carnations caramel we were sold!

The overall taste and texture of this cake would have any cheesecake lover back again and again.


Afternoon cheesecake lovers


Well what i night i have had, one very unwell wee boy.....while Angus was lying on the couch in a zombie like state at 3am this morning, i was
dreaming of cheesecake. I know, come on you are saying, but that is what i live now.


I had been watching "The Great British Bake off Master class" last night, they were showing you how to make the perfect "rum babas" That

got me thinking about different cheesecake designs.....could we have a cheesecake that resembled a "baba", a buttery biscuit case with the

creamy cheesecake filling in the center. Or a layered effect of base, filling, base, filling. What do you think?? Are these the thoughts of a sleep

deprived mother or do we have something, does cheesecake have to be a standard design or can we mix it up!


Tell me what you think..