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Following on from the last blog where we talked about a lady in Canada who ordered a cheesecake for her 92 year old friend in Scotland, we also have a family in New Zealand who have now placed their second order for cheesecakes to be sent to their family in Saltcoats which is up the road from us here in Ayr, Scotland.   The power of the internet and social media are amazing indeed.   Last year someone in Inverness found us via one of our staff members twitter accounts and placed an order for a Pina Colada cheesecake for christmas. A gentleman in the USA ordered a thanksgiving cheesecake to be delivered to his some who is studying at University in Scotland.

Our FB Page is fast approaching 5000 followers and our twitter page is nearly at 1000. We find both of these social media platforms invaluable to our business and dont know where we would be without them :)

Our recent pop-up-shop in our premises which we held on 23rd of March was publicised on Facebook only and was a resounding success.  We had someone travel over 70 miles from Edinburgh to buy our cheesecakes and they bought 17 slices! 

Years ago before the internet, where could you by a handmade cheesecake the like of the ones we make???  Nowhere is the answer.  Now you can buy online or buy at our pop up factory shop and soon at Silverburn where we will be poping up end April/early May and will be posting this even on Facebook soon.

I can only remember being able to by a frozen and unexciting cheesecake (the likes of which can still be found ) in the freezers of supermarkets and this started me on a quest-  to make my own and I dreamed one day that I would have a business making and supplying them to other businesses.  In another life and career I use to travel the world and every where I went - USA, Australia, Europe, wherever - if cheesecake was on the menu I had it.   I would come home and experiment with all sorts of cheese and filling combinations and we would have cheesecake for dessert regularly.  It was not until 2003 when we started our own business The Dessert Depot that we finally began to make cheesecakes for hotels, restaurants and coffee shops and all my experiments and experience came to the fore! 

The Handmade Cheesecake Company is a lifelong ambition and we are delighted that not only people around the globe are finding us and asking us to make and supply cheesecakes for their family here but people from across the UK and around our local area are flocking to us!
A great big thank you from us to you.