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How does a Cheesecake fly?

Well very easily indeed…from Canada to the United Kingdom in one swift movement. A lovely lady from Canada recently contacted us, wishing to order one of our Handmade Cheesecakes for a friend’s birthday, as her friend lives here in the UK she thought it may be a problem ….not to us. The lady was unsure what she wanted so we discussed all the options and came up with the perfect cheesecake for her friend, a Strawberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake with a lovely personal message written on a Belgian Chocolate


 happy birthday mary


The cheesecake was gift wrapped and a gift card was attached with the words “happy birthday, I am so sorry I could not spend your special day with you” As we had developed such a lovely relationship with this lady we wanted to personally deliver the cheesecake and as we could, we did. There is nothing better than seeing the smile on someone’s face when they receive a little surprise from a special friend. I went home that day a little bit happier. And in the morning we received a beautiful e-card saying Thank you.

“you can view our thank you card here"

So it doesn’t matter where you live, here atThe Handmade Cheesecake Company we will do our very best to make your shopping experience perfect from start to finish.