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Pop up Shops seem to be getting more and more popular.  

Whilts some shops pop up in empty shops others pop up in shopping mall concourses for a few months others pop up for a weekend.

We have been holding our pop -up- shop in a corner of our shipping and packing department. Not techincally a shop of course but we make a effort to "dress it up" a bit  and it works - even if it is in a small corner of our shipping and packing department .Of course one of the main draw backs is that we are located in an industrial area and not in a mainstream shopping mall, but to be honest we find that folks make the effort to do so and in our case that is a testimonial for how good our cheesecakes and other goodies are.

Our next pop up event is on 23rd of March - again in our current premises. I say current as we are hoping to move premises soon but thats a story for another day :)  

Check out our Facebook page where more details and whats on sale the day.